Our Why - The Stories Behind His Cavvy Foundation


This post is late but every time I sat down to write this post I really struggled to find the words. But it is with a heavy heart that we are doing this post on August 24 Beckham lost his battle with DIGD. For those of you that have been here from the beginning Beckham was the reason His Cavvy started. The first horse we raffled off was to help out Beckham and his family. He has left this world far too early but the impact that little boy has had on so many is amazing. Seeing what was going on with this family broke our hearts and we wanted to help ease some of the stress. So we formed His Cavvy Foundation with the motto “A lot of people doing a little, makes a huge difference” it was so true when we did the raffle no one knew who it was for and we received donations from 25 different states. These donations were amazing but the biggest donations was Beckham’s having to struggle with this terrible disease but it is also the reason His Cavvy was formed his sacrifice is going to bless so many people down the road. We are going to continue on blessing as many families as we can and Beckham will be to thank because he was the reason and will always be the reason His Cavvy exists. Thoughts and prays for Beckham’s family and many thanks to all that have supported them and His Cavvy.

Tuff Like Tylee

Our 2020 event supported Tylee Reeder, a tough, outgoing, smart 4 year old girl that we are all better by knowing her.

Meet the Reeder Family
To you, they are kind, strong, and as genuine as they come! Ty and Jeanie Reeder have 4 awesome kids, in January of 2020 life changed with the diagnosis of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia to their youngest daughter Tylee who is just 4 years old. She is being treated at Primary Children’s hospital and will be in treatment for the next two years with a battle ahead of her. Tylee is responding well to treatments and is staying strong despite her circumstances.

His Cavvy is currently selling raffle tickets for a Big Bend Trailer to provide some financial relief in this time! Our vision is to give the Reeder’s more time to pour energy into their lives and children with less financial stress. We also want to provide a community of friends in this time to lift them up in prayer and hope. Sometimes it takes knowing you’re surrounded by friends to give you strength in the futures unknown.

Let’s show them that friends come from all over, that it doesn’t take knowing someone personally to be a friend sometimes it’s just loving from afar.

a BIGGER blessing

One of our biggest prayers going into the Pasture Roping was that people would feel Gods presence in a new way and be blessed by it! This event is so much bigger than blessing a specific family financial in a tough time, which is demonstrated below in a letter. Not only did this event impact Clay in a big way, but this letter has brought tears to the eyes of all of us at His Cavvy! We love hearing about the blessings that aren’t always seen! Thank you to everyone who made this event possible, their are to many to name but you know who you are!!!

2019 Pasture Roping

Hi friends,

This month we have been blown away by the generosity of our community! To us, community doesn’t mean where we are from or the area we live in. Instead, community is something so much greater, it’s the mindset and the lifestyle we share. A few weeks ago, at our annual Pasture Roping Benefit, you all came together as a community. Not only did you offer your love and support to a family you might never have met, but you offered your love and support without even knowing the details of their situation. It was a truly special thing to witness!

With that being said, we are so excited to announce that this years Pasture Roping Benefit raised $35,000! This would not have been possible without your generosity – giving your time, talents, prayers, and finances! The family is beyond grateful, and has been truly touched by all aspects of this event. Thank you again, for your continual support, we couldn’t have done it without you!

Carry each others burdens…

Hi Everyone,

In case you are new to following His Cavvy here is the heart behind what we do…

His Cavvy is a non-profit organization with a desire to help families in the ranching community. Whether it is a financial burden due to medical needs, or more specific needs catered to individual families, our hope is to see communities come together and support friends through tough times. We believe community is not necessarily the area we live in, but the lifestyle and mindset we share.

Last year, friends from over 25 different states came together as a community to help families in need – that is a special thing to see. The world seems so much smaller when we love our neighbors, no matter how near or far they might be. The call on our hearts is to give to those in need, but we can’t do it without community. Galatians 6:2 says “Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.” So please join us and spread the word on what His Cavvy is doing.

Thank you for all your support,

His Cavvy Foundation

A Bigger Picture Scenario

His Cavvy Community,

Sometimes I get in a rut and don’t observe the bigger picture! Today I want to share with you a bigger picture scenario…. at first it was hard for me to dive in full heartily to what we were sought out to help with. You see the heart at His Cavvy is to directly help families and individuals! To me it’s a personal approach that makes what His Cavvy dose intimate and hands on. It’s something this community can believe in because it helps families just like yours. We work months to put together events or train a horse the whole time knowing who the money will bless, each and every story is different and no situation is the same! There are hours of prayer, dedication, and learning that go in to each season. So this winter when Mike Brashear approached us with an idea to help him raise money for the Rocky Mountain Chapter of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) in there 10 week fundraiser I have to be honest and say I was reluctant. That was until I heard Mike tell my husband and I that the LLS was the reason he was here today giving a testimony of remission! He was diagnosed with Acute Promycyltic Leukemia in 2014 and has now been cured for 5 years what an amazing story of healing! Our friend gave a testimony of hope, belief and, vision for what the LLS has to offer. So starting March 5th for ten weeks we will be raising money for the LLS, I can’t tell you who the money will go to, but I can tell you with complete knowledge it will change lives! This is a bigger picture scenario that initially seems to big to influence our day to day lives, but I have heard testimony’s of there faithfulness to directly help so many friends. So stand with us to raise money for something bigger than ourselves and our community this kind of research with not only help your neighbor but also change lives worldwide.


Victoria Harris