A lot of people doing a little makes a huge difference.

His Cavvy Foundation was established in March of 2018 as a way to help families and individuals in the ranching community with serious medical issues.

The foundation

Apr 2018








Keith & Carla Danielson

A Benefit Raffle for
Keith & Carla Danielson


Mr. Beans is being offered for raffle to help support medical costs for Keith and Carla Danielson. Keith is a professional Cowboy and horse trainer from Hooper Washington. Keith was diagnosed with cancer in May of 2023. Keith is currently undergoing Chemotherapy, the medical costs to get healed back up are extraordinary. 100% of the proceeds from this raffle will go to help Keith and Carla to meet these expenses. For ongoing updates on Keith and Carla during this journey please follow on Facebook at Hooper Crossing Ranch.


2024 His Cavvy Foundation Event


3 Man Pasture Doctoring as well as other family-oriented activities. This will take place in Walden, Colorado at the “Grizzly Ranch” October 5-8, 2023! 

These four days will be the perfect time to strengthen old friendships as well as make new ones! Please plan to join us for this extra fun weekend!

We will be looking for donation items to be Auctioned, big/small, handmade, whatever you can contribute would be appreciated. 

Don’t miss this guaranteed good time! Can’t wait to see you there! Thanks so much again for your support! 

  • Pasture Doctoring
  • El Guapo Roping 
  • Live Concert
  • Kids Goat Roping
  • Limited rooms to rent
  • Camping in the Pasture available      
  • Food Concessions
  • Auction (Live & Silent)



How can you help His Cavvy Foundation assist those in need?

  • Volunteering your time and expertise
  • Contributing advice and experience
  • Donation of items to be raffled or auctioned
  • Monetary donations


$ 100
  • Purchase your raffle tickets here for a 16ft Big Bend Trailer.
  • $100 each
  • With every $500 spent we will include one additional raffle ticket.

Our Why

  • We believe in helping one another. We believe that we can make a difference in the personal lives of our friends and neighbors.


noun  |   com·mun·er·os·i·ty   |   /kə’-myōō-nə-rä-sə-tē/

Communerosity is community generosity. [Community + generosity = communerosity] Communerosity exists to help you understand giving and receiving, because that is the gospel message. Our faith in Jesus is based on our ability to receive the free gift of salvation. When we receive from Jesus, we receive not because of something we did or earned. We recognize that if you cannot receive from the people around you, you will never truly be able to receive from a loving God. To give and not receive can be a position of arrogance. Our hope is that through communerosity you begin to fully understand the heart of Jesus, the gospel message, and His free gift.

So how does communerosity work?

Here are three instances of how communerosity could work, please be obedient to whichever speaks to you:

Instance #1. If for any reason you cannot afford something, please take what you’d like freely. No questions asked. 

Instance #2. If you’re in a place where you can give, please donate for yours and maybe donate for someone else’s too.

Instance #3. If you are financially comfortable (maybe you have an abundance) but you have a hard time receiving, please keep your money, and allow yourself to receive a free gift.

There is a cost behind a lot of the things we do, but no matter which of the three instances you find yourself in, we hope you leave with a greater understanding of the gospel.

Thank you to our Sponsors!


HIS: referring to our good Lord and Savior. | CAVVY: The word comes from the term "cavvietta," derived from Spanish and referring to the whole diverse herd of horses that a ranch owns.


For approved images and copy in regard to His Cavvy foundation, please contact us via the contact us page with your specific request.


His Cavvy Foundation is a 501c3 certified foundation. Our proceeds go to help ranching families in need. Want to make a reoccuring donation? Click the link below to set up a monthly donation.


Feel free to reach out to us at hiscavvy@gmail.com

Donate to the Foundation

His Cavvy Foundation is a 501c3 Non-Profit that’s mission is to help ranching families in need to financial help with medical expenses. Your donation contributes to a family in need. You can choose to donate once or set up a recurring donation. 

Thank you for considering donating to His Cavvy Foundation. 

A lot of people doing a little makes a huge difference.