This post is late but every time I sat down to write this post I really struggled to find the words. But it is with a heavy heart that we are doing this post on August 24 Beckham lost his battle with DIGD. For those of you that have been here from the beginning Beckham was the reason His Cavvy started. The first horse we raffled off was to help out Beckham and his family. He has left this world far too early but the impact that little boy has had on so many is amazing. Seeing what was going on with this family broke our hearts and we wanted to help ease some of the stress. So we formed His Cavvy Foundation with the motto “A lot of people doing a little, makes a huge difference” it was so true when we did the raffle no one knew who it was for and we received donations from 25 different states. These donations were amazing but the biggest donations was Beckham’s having to struggle with this terrible disease but it is also the reason His Cavvy was formed his sacrifice is going to bless so many people down the road. We are going to continue on blessing as many families as we can and Beckham will be to thank because he was the reason and will always be the reason His Cavvy exists. Thoughts and prays for Beckham’s family and many thanks to all that have supported them and His Cavvy.