A Bigger Picture Scenario

His Cavvy Community,

Sometimes I get in a rut and don’t observe the bigger picture! Today I want to share with you a bigger picture scenario…. at first it was hard for me to dive in full heartily to what we were sought out to help with. You see the heart at His Cavvy is to directly help families and individuals! To me it’s a personal approach that makes what His Cavvy dose intimate and hands on. It’s something this community can believe in because it helps families just like yours. We work months to put together events or train a horse the whole time knowing who the money will bless, each and every story is different and no situation is the same! There are hours of prayer, dedication, and learning that go in to each season. So this winter when Mike Brashear approached us with an idea to help him raise money for the Rocky Mountain Chapter of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) in there 10 week fundraiser I have to be honest and say I was reluctant. That was until I heard Mike tell my husband and I that the LLS was the reason he was here today giving a testimony of remission! He was diagnosed with Acute Promycyltic Leukemia in 2014 and has now been cured for 5 years what an amazing story of healing! Our friend gave a testimony of hope, belief and, vision for what the LLS has to offer. So starting March 5th for ten weeks we will be raising money for the LLS, I can’t tell you who the money will go to, but I can tell you with complete knowledge it will change lives! This is a bigger picture scenario that initially seems to big to influence our day to day lives, but I have heard testimony’s of there faithfulness to directly help so many friends. So stand with us to raise money for something bigger than ourselves and our community this kind of research with not only help your neighbor but also change lives worldwide.


Victoria Harris