Ranching FYI Seminar with Wally Olson Oct 5th



We are excited to announce a new educational aspect of the Cowboying for a Cause gathering! Our good friend Wally Olson will be leading a one-day cattle marketing seminar on how to profit from high cattle prices. Wally has wisdom and passion for cattle marketing from years of experience and continuing education. He has a desire to teach, essentially helping “put an old head on young shoulders”. Wally focuses on:
*Sell/Buy marketing thought process (How, Where)
*Knowing and understanding yourself (how that affects your decisions),
*The importance of animals that work for you

So please join us on Thursday, October 5th, Again Wally and his team from Ranching FYI will be putting on a one-day seminar full of knowledge, conversation, and networking.

Cost $500 (all proceeds go directly to His Cavvy Foundation)

If you have questions please call the Ranching FYI, Wally Olson 918-244-0654 You can also visit their websites to get a better feel for what this seminar will entail!



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